L’OR Professional Suprême

Your blend. Your choice.

Take your guests and employees to a vibrant world of flavours and aromas with every cup.
L’OR Professional Suprême is a single serve coffee solution that serves luxury moments in a convenient matter.


For businesses

Luxury moments for your employees and customers


For hotels  

Ideal coffee solution for all your guests

Designed for convenience and variety

With our L’OR Professional Suprême people can easily pick their favourite blend for every cup of coffee.The aluminium coffee discs lock in all the aromas and flavours, guaranteeing the freshest espre

Coffee specialties with fresh milk

L’OR Professional Suprême is equipped with an integrated milk system. When you combine our L’OR blends with fresh milk, you experience a new depth of flavour. Because the machine is so easy to use, it serves a latte macchiato or cappuccino with the push of a button.

Intuitive touchscreen

With L’OR Professional Suprême you always serve great coffee at the push of a button. Discover all the coffee specialties, from black coffees to milk-based varieties, and experience all the L’OR blends.

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A mesmerising blend for every moment

Experience our collection of L’OR blends, created by our Coffee Artists. The time, passion and artistry that goes into creating our blends allow you to serve coffee with complexity. Creations with flavours and aromas that delight and elevate every coffee moment.

Discover all the blends

Kies voor details

Accessoires die uw koffie en uw bedrijf perfect begeleiden.

Blended for pleasure

Our Coffee Artists create blends with details that intrigue. Experience the unexpected contrasts, depth and bold fusions they’ve created to serve captivating coffee moments.

Lungo Intense

Round, Fruity, Rich. This exciting blend offers you an intense aroma, combining hints of fruit with roasted notes, resulting in a rich and round coffee.

Lungo Subtil

Soft, Smooth, Elegant. Discover the round character of Lungo Subtil, a blend which provides you with an elegant and smooth coffee, to be enjoyed throughout the day.

Espresso Intense

Intense, Roasted, Daring. A daring combination of coffee beans bringing you a balanced, roasted and intense espresso with hints of dark chocolate.

Espresso Subtil

Aromatic, Refreshing, Sweet. This delicate blend is the perfect reflection of espresso quality. It results in a refreshing and aromatic espresso with soft sweet notes.


Complex, Unique, Expressive. A blend that delivers a powerful highly aromatic coffee, and a flavour that makes striving for espresso perfection an intensely unforgettable journey.

Espresso Decaf

Distinctive, Pure, Dried Fruits. A blend made from carefully decaffeinated beans that delivers a distinctive pure espresso with notes of dried fruit.


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Complete coffee experience for your business

L’OR PROFESSIONAL offers a range of complete coffee solutions: from the setting to the serve. Everything you need to create a captivating space. Everything with the same attention to detail.

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